1: Barcelona: Gaudi architecture, vibrant markets, and seaside views await first-time visitors in this Spanish gem.

2: Madrid: Discover world-class museums, bustling markets, and delicious tapas in the heart of Spain's capital city.

3: Seville: Flamenco dancing, historic architecture, and sunny weather make Seville a must-visit destination in Spain.

4: Granada: Explore the stunning Alhambra Palace, charming streets, and delicious local cuisine in this Andalusian city.

5: Valencia: Stunning beaches, futuristic architecture, and delicious paella make Valencia a perfect choice for first-time travelers.

6: San Sebastian: Picture-perfect beaches, gourmet cuisine, and a lively cultural scene make this Basque city a top destination in Spain.

7: Toledo: Step back in time and explore the medieval streets, historic buildings, and stunning views in this UNESCO World Heritage site.

8: Cordoba: Discover the iconic Mezquita, charming patios, and rich history in this hidden gem of Spain.

9: Malaga: Enjoy beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and delicious seafood in this vibrant coastal city on the Costa del Sol.