1: Create a cascading effect with hanging planters for a vertical garden on your patio.

2: Repurpose a pallet into a living wall filled with herbs and flowers for a beautiful backdrop.

3: Use a shoe organizer to plant succulents and create a unique vertical garden on your patio.

4: Build a trellis and let climbing vines create a lush green screen for your outdoor space.

5: Hang a set of stacked planters for a modern and space-saving vertical garden on your patio.

6: Liven up a blank wall with a DIY picture frame planter filled with colorful blooms and herbs.

7: Install a vertical garden with a series of shelves to display a variety of plants on your patio.

8: Create a vertical pallet planter wall filled with trailing vines and foliage for a stunning patio backdrop.

9: Elevate your patio with a vertical succulent garden using a repurposed ladder for a charming touch.