1: Avoiding Protein Start your day with a protein-rich meal to boost metabolism and stay full longer.

2: Skipping Healthy Fats Incorporate avocados, nuts, and olive oil for sustained energy and hormone regulation.

3: Overeating Low-Carb Foods Watch portions of high-calorie keto treats to prevent weight loss stall.

4: Forgetting Fiber Include veggies and flaxseeds to aid digestion and promote satiety.

5: Not Drinking Enough Water Stay hydrated to support metabolism and prevent overeating.

6: Ignoring Meal Timing Eat breakfast within an hour of waking to kickstart your metabolism.

7: Using Too Much Sweetener Limit artificial sugars to avoid carb cravings and blood sugar spikes.

8: Relying on Processed Foods Opt for whole foods to fuel your body and boost weight loss efforts.

9: Skipping Breakfast Altogether Prioritize a balanced morning meal for sustained energy and improved weight loss results.