1: "Classic French tips with a twist – add a pop of color or glitter for a modern look!"

2: "Reverse French manicure – switch it up by painting the base of your nails instead of the tip."

3: "Ombre French tips – blend two colors together for a gradient effect that's stunning."

4: "French manicure with nail art – get creative with designs like flowers or geometrics."

5: "Matte French manicure – give your nails a chic and sophisticated finish with matte topcoat."

6: "French manicure with a twist – play with different shapes like almond or stiletto nails."

7: "French manicure with accent nails – highlight one nail with a bold color or design."

8: "French manicure with metallics – add a touch of glamour with gold or silver accents."

9: "French manicure with negative space – leave parts of your nails unpainted for a modern effect."