1: Intro to Blue Zones Discover the secrets of longevity from the Blue Zones - areas with the highest concentration of centenarians.

2: Environment Matters Learn how the environment plays a key role in shaping behavior and lifestyle choices in the Blue Zones.

3: Social Connections Explore the importance of strong social connections in the Blue Zones and how it influences behavior change.

4: Diet and Nutrition Understand the significance of a plant-based diet in the Blue Zones and its impact on health and behavior.

5: Physical Activity Discover the active lifestyles of Blue Zones residents and how it contributes to their behavior change.

6: Stress Reduction Learn the stress-relieving techniques practiced in the Blue Zones for behavior modification and longevity.

7: Purpose and Meaning Understand the significance of having a sense of purpose in life for behavior change in the Blue Zones.

8: Healthy Habits Explore the daily habits of Blue Zones residents that contribute to their overall well-being and behavior change.

9: Takeaway Lessons Summarize the key lessons from the Blue Zones to inspire behavior change and improve longevity.